Divine Moves tm
  A Creative and Spiritual Path
       to Joy and Well-Being

Divine Moves offers tools for transcendence and healing through movement, music, and astrological guidance.  The  primary objective of Divine Moves is to awaken to the joy of spirit, to holistic healing and an enlivened presence. It is our belief that we are here to grow and expand in consciousness, to know ourselves as our best self, to move into the divinity that we are and have always been.  To do this requires opening our bodies to the flow of spirit and coming into a divine presence within the Inner Body.  Awareness through sensation, alignment, movement, and music open us to spirit, creating an evolution in consciousness, a homecoming, and a greater sense of well-being.

Through this practice, we become tuned into our inner body, our physical, emotional, and vibrational state.  We are awake and alive. We begin to notice the sensation of joy.  In Divine Moves, we consider joy to be the voice of spirit, the trusted guide on the spiritual path.  Joy is experienced through sensation, that beautiful moment when you feel uplifted and engaged in what you are doing.  It is in this moment we are being guided toward our gifts and a greater understanding of our life path here on Earth.  It is in this moment and many others that we know ourselves as Divine.