Divine Moves
moving in spirit and love

“There’s no power more than the power of the word, and when the word is formed through the body, the entire being is purified. . .” Yogi Bhajan

“…in trying to pray through the flesh rather than words, I feel like I am going back to  basics, going back to the body to find the spirit.”   - Dan Wakefield

Divine Moves offers dance as a spiritual practice and path to wellness.  This uplifting spirit-body practice restores a healing connection to joy through simple, flowing moves to beautiful, inspiring music.  Graceful repetitive moves and free dance invite you to deepen your connection to earth, open your heart, and awaken and embody spirit.  Combining dance, tai chi, reiki, kundalini yoga, functional and energy healing, Divine Moves offers a spiritual homecoming, a renewed love of life, and a sacred time for inner peace and nurturing.

The goal of Divine Moves is to awaken the body to the joy of spirit so we may come home to our highest and best self.  Through prayerful and celebratory movement and music, we open to spiritual connection and energy healing, to inner awareness and the natural flow of the body


*  EMBODIMENT:  "to give a body to spirit,” to bring mind, emotions and spirit 
    into the body.  When we  are in the body, we know centeredness and safety.
    We are home. 
*  PRESENCE:  a sensation of being right here, right now, aligned, open,
    engaged, grounded.
*  BODY AWARENESS: sensing from the inside, listening to the voice of the
*  ALIGNMENT:  adjustment of the energy centers and body weights to create
    balance and flow.   
*  NATURAL FLOW AND EASE:  the opening and movement of life force
    through the chakras that creating a comfort and ease in our skin.  We
    know who we are and what we want in each moment. 
*  CREATIVE ABUNDANCE:  as the energy centers open and align, we step
    into increased  creative expression and power.
*  CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT:  deliberate movement with awareness and
*  NEUTRAL MIND AND BODY:  return to a centered, grounded place that  
    allows us to confidently step out in any direction, to make choices and follow
    impulses that are more authentic and in the moment.

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© 2008 Pamela Bongas McIntyre