Divine Moves tm
 Awakening and Awareness
Movement, Music, Meditation

Divine Moves is a sacred dance practice that invites you to experience grounded, heart-opening, spiritual connection.  Step into your creative spirit, find the courage to walk your truth, and move into the world with confidence and ease.  Moving energy through the body is the key to life, good health, and happiness.  When energy is stuck in the body, it creates both emotional and physical illness. Allowing creative flow opens us up to our true self and our true purpose. When we step into creative flow, we step into our lives.  How do we find creative flow?  It's simple.  Follow joy.    What is joy?  Joy is a sensation, that beautiful moment when you feel uplifted and engaged in what you are doing.  Joy is the moment when spirit tells you that what you are doing is exactly why you are here on Earth.  As we begin to do anything that gives us joy, the creative and spiritual energy of that experience enters all aspects of our lives and we are enlivened.  We have ignited the creative fire that moves us. We are flowing with the current of our lives instead of against it. 

In addition to Divine Moves, I offer classes in chanting meditation, kundalini yoga, and private advising through astrological readings.